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Built with an alloy chassis,this compact radio has the power and durability for the harshest of environments. Clarity of transmission and reception is second to none in the industry,ensuring accurate radio communication whatever the situation.

Power output is set to ½ watt for PMR446 use, but is also available with 4 watts for UHF and 5 watts for VHF frequencies where applicable.

The IR-650 walkie talkie is available in UK/EU-PMR446, US-FRS/GMRS as well as Programmable for those with UHF or VHF private frequencies, so that they can be easily integrated into your existing business radio systems if required.  We will pre-load your licensed channels for you.

With 16 channels pre-set, the radio is exceptionally easy to use.  It has voice channel announcements, so you can change accurately between channels without having to physically look at the radio at all.

To make purchasing easier, we include an intelligent charger & 1500mah Hi-Capacity battery with the radio, but there are also a host of accessories that you may want to consider.

Transceiver radio:

INTA 650 Series

Freq. Range - UHF=410-479MHz

PMR446    VHF=136-174Mhz

Temperature Range -30~+60 deg

Freq. Stability ±5.0ppm

Case Size (w/o antenna) 60×106×38mm

Channels = 16

Weight (w/battery pack) 255g

630 Battery Voltage (DC) 7.4V DC±20%

CE + R&TTE Certificated

Radio Support:

INTA 650

Radio 650 Series Instructions

Radio Chart