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For Friendly Advice call:

01527 908658  Mon-Thur 9-5, Friday Off-Site

Why our sponsorship is worth your time:

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with genuine communication solutions that won’t break your bank.

Everyone deserves to race.

To make such an incredible deal worth it we are relying on our loyal customers to uphold our “sponsorship” agreements to the fullest.

For upholding our sponsorship agreement we are offering our customers up to a whopping 25% off EVERYTHING.

How to join:

  1. Purchase your order at listed price.
  2. Specify that you would like our sponsorship stickers included in your order.
  3. Once you have received your order, proceed to apply your stickers to your racing vehicle.
  4. Take suitable pictures of the vehicle in full showing our sticker on your race vehicle
  5. Send those pictures as well as your order number to our email address ( within 14 days.
  6. Once we have confirmed that the pictures are deemed suitable, we will refund 25% of your bill!

IntaRace Sponsorship

IntaRace is thrilled to announce…

After long last it’s arived, our sponsorship campaign that can earn you up to…


The small print

What we need:

One suitable picture of your racing vehicle for each sticker supplied WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE (see example)


Ideally the picture will be landscape showing the entirety of your vehicle.

We intend to use these pictures on our website or for other marketing material.

By sending your pictures in to the following address you automatically consent to the images being used for commercial use as well as being edited however we see fit.

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The small print

What you get:

Once we have confirmed that you have upheld the sponsorship agreement we will refund 25% of your selected order.

As part of our sponsorship programme the full IntaRace technical support available through our support channels (phone & email) Monday-Thursday 9-5.