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IntaRace 650 Radio Instructions

On/Volume knob:

 Twist the knob Clockwise to turn the radio ON. After a few seconds the radio will bleep and a voice will

 announce the channel it is set to .

 Twisting it fully anti-clockwise will turn the radio OFF

 Twisting the knob clockwise will increase the volume, anti-clockwise will decrease the volume.

Channel Knob:

 Twisting the knob clockwise will sequentially select between channels 1 to 16. Any channels not

 programmed will result in continued bleeps to let you know that the channel is not programmed for use.

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Radio Licenses

The following information is for guidance only and reflects our opinions.  For more detailed information please contact Ofcom directly.

There are 3 basic types of radio licensing you can choose.

Unlicensed PMR446:

The UHF 446MHz band was introduced throughout Europe when the old CB radio band got so overcrowded it became fairly useless.  The concept was to provide 8 “limited power usage” set of frequencies (channels) so that public users could communicate over a short range without purchasing a license.  By keeping the power low and limiting the range, the concept works well for building sites etc.

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IntaRace Headsets, Harness and PTT


1) Before using the system, check the Radio units are displaying the same frequency settings and try them as “walkie talkies” to check for correct operation. Depending on which Intaride Radio you have purchased the headset input sockets are found on the right hand side of the radio. The radio inputs are protected by a rubber cover which can be easily pulled away. Connect the Harness, Headset & PTT together. Connect the harness to the Radio unit and press the PTT button. Observe the transmit indication on the radio to confirm proper operation. Hold the microphone to your lips, press the PTT button and speak firmly, a receiving radio should hear your voice.

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Full Kits :

Your Own Radio

We fully appreciate our customers already having their own radio communications! We want to ensure you get the correct products for your set up. We have a variety of adapters and we don’t shy away from custom jobs! We want you to have the right kit when you need it, call our friendly team for support!


IntaRace 920 Radio Instructions

Power ON/OFF:

Turn the Power/Volume Knob clockwise to turn the radio on and increase volume.

Turn the Power/Volume Knob anti-clockwise to turn the radio off and decrease volume.


Press and hold the PTT button to transmit.


Enable/Disable squelch (short press) and long hold to enable/disable FM radio.

Long hold to turn off FM radio.

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